Article Submission Guidelines And Suggestions

Please read our Article Submission Guidelines And Suggestions: 

Length: Pieces typically run about 700 to 800 words, though longer is OK. We are ready to review 500 Words also if it’s a unique idea and same for More than 1,200 words.

Submit original work: Work you didn’t write is not acceptable. Warmed over posts (something you published previously with just a few new tweaks added) are also unacceptable. (Know that we usually spot these, and they make us very, very unhappy).

Make sure your article isn’t overly self-promotional: Mentions of your company, book or skillset should be used to demonstrate your expertise on a topic. The effect should serve to educate, not advertise. Articles that excessively promote your brand, company or product likely won’t be published. Excessive links to your products or initiatives will likely be deleted. (One or two links are fine. 10 are not.)

Few more points:

  • Must Have Proper English, Which Includes Proper Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Capitalization and Sentence Structure.
  • Must Not be a Private Label Rights (PLR) article or Contain Unattributed Content to Which the Author Does Not Have Exclusive Rights.
  • Must Not Contain Self-Serving or Promotional Content in the Article Title, Body, or Summary.
  • Must Not Contain Negative Content Towards any Product, Company, Individual, or Group.
  • Must Not Contain Profanity or Pornographic Material.
  • Must Not Contain Illegal or Overly Controversial Content.
  • Must Not Contain Rehashed Content, or Material Overly Similar to your Prior Submissions.
  • Must Not be Formatted as a Blog Post or Read as a Personal Email, Letter or Other Correspondence.
  • Must Not Contain Information that Promotes Unethical Internet Activities, Business Practices or Anything that Would Create a Poor User Experience for Web Users.

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